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Flushing the heating system for a properly functioning system!

Functional reliability, energy saving, pollutant reduction.

Flushing and cleaning closed pipe systems is our speciality.

Imagine your heating system suddenly breaks down!

INOClean® GmbH in Schönkirchen ensures that you are protected from such unpleasant surprises and can rely on a smoothly functioning heating system. Committed, experienced and competent, we are at work for customers throughout Germany and Europe.

Flushing heating systems and other systems

Modern heating systems work particularly precisely and with low emissions. However, the system components react very sensitively to disturbing factors on the water side. We flush or clean heating, solar and industrial systems as well as all other systems in which a liquid medium such as oils and acids is required for operation. Our service ensures functional reliability, energy savings and pollutant reduction. To ensure that your system works trouble-free, we cooperate with numerous heating contractors throughout Germany.

The services at a glance:

  • Cleaning of all liquid-carrying systems, especially heating systems (DIN 14 336), solar systems, cooling pipes or drinking water pipes.
  • Expert advice for heating system water following the guidelines of VDI 2035 Parts 1 and 2
  • Treatment of heating system water according to the guidelines of VDI 2035 Part 1 and Part 2
  • Chemical sealing of all piping systems with sealants from BaCoGa
  • Preparation of expert opinions for heating water following the guidelines of VDI 2035 Part 1 and Part 2 (properties of heating water) in connection with laboratory analyses
  • Production and sale of our natural chemistry for the cleaning and care of liquid-carrying systems, especially heating and solar systems
  • for the use of INOClean chemistry from the problem to the solution – we accompany you until your system is working properly
  • Solar fluid analysis
  • Determination of the efficiency and condition of the fluid
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Sealing of leakages
  • Expert for system fluids since 2019: Member of the DGuSV – German Association of Surveyors and Experts

Flushing of heating systems and other installations as well as preparation of expert reports

Through his previous work, Jörg Lipowski, owner and managing director of INOClean® GmbH, knows that every water-bearing system reacts individually (chemically) to its system components. We have already successfully repaired numerous damages to systems. We have attended training courses on the topics of VDI 2035 (sheets 1 and 2) and cracked solar systems.

In the course of our work, we discovered that almost 87 per cent of experts in the field of sanitation are wrong about the correct water treatment for heating systems. They rarely deal with VDI 2035. The problem of cracked solar systems and their special cleaning aroused our interest. In the meantime, we have many years of experience, which we are happy to put to use for you.

No matter whether a heating system has no more heat output, the pipes of the underfloor heating or other systems are clogged, we analyse the system and find the appropriate solution. With our extensive technical equipment, we are reliably at your disposal for every job – even for large-scale and industrial systems.

For two years now, we have been training customers in the heating industry in the field of water treatment according to the guidelines of VDI 2035 (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2) as well as in the handling of thermal solar systems.

We have already tested and applied many products from the industry and asked the users questions. In the process, we noticed that many of them did not know their own products – neither concerning the proper dosing of full protection agents nor concerning the use and dosing of cleaners. Disposal was also usually problematic, as the substances are not biodegradable. This is where we come in with our specific, innovative solutions.

Do you have any questions? Contact us about flushing your heating system or one of our other services!

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