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Expert for plant fluids – Jörg Lipowski

Experienced and competent for you.

If special expertise is required, INOClean® GmbH in Schönkirchen is the right contact for you.

Company owner and managing director Jörg Lipowski is a chemist as well as an expert for plant fluids in the DGuSV (Deutscher Gutachter und Sachverständigen Verband) and will be happy to assist you.

Activities of the expert for plant fluids

As an expert, it is Mr Lipowski's task to analyse and assess the efficiency of the fluid.

In the following, you will find some examples from the wide range of services:

Heating systems

A heating system can already develop massive damage from time to time due to incorrect filling. It often takes only a few months before a heating system has to be completely replaced. This is not only expensive but also nerve-racking.

Solar systems

Even with a solar system, serious defects are to be feared due to incorrect filling or insufficient acceptance – for example, due to the incorrect calculation of the required number of collectors. In this case, the system can enter the so-called "crack state" after only a few months and fail. An indication of a cracked system is the discolouration of the system fluid from yellow to black.

Detailed information on the subject of cracking can be found on this website under solar thermal systems.

Whether it is a cooling circuit or a wind turbine – you will receive an objective expert opinion.

Other industrial plants operated with liquids for which Mr Lipowski is an expert are:

  • Cooling circuits
  • Hydraulic plants
  • Oil-cooled plants
  • Water jet plants
  • Fuel-operated plants
  • Industrial plants with liquid-cooled systems
  • Heating circuit systems
  • Heating pipe systems
  • Heat pumps and their piping systems
  • Frequency converters of energy-producing plants
  • Wind power plants

Analyse – find faults – evaluate objectively – that is the claim of your expert!

As a certified expert for plant fluids, Mr Lipowski has specialised in all fluids used as operating fluids. Benefit from his profound expertise, and you can be sure that your plants are in professional hands.

We look forward to your call!

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