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Get your heating system flushed and benefit from many advantages

Does the quality of your heating water comply with VDI Guideline 2035?

Have the heating system cleaning and flushing of heating pipe systems carried out following DIN 14 336 to play it safe!

Our heating system flushing consists of the following sub-steps:

Step 1
An external laboratory analyses the heating water according to the guidelines of VDI-2035 (Parts 1 + 2). VDI-2035 was developed by the Association of German Engineers to protect the end-user from damage to the heating system. The guideline specifies what the quality of the heating water must be. If these specifications are not met, the manufacturer's warranty may be voided.

1st part of VDI-2035 (lime technical part):
When the heating system is filled for the first time, the water must be fully desalinated.

2nd part of VDI-2035 (corrosion-technical part).This has only been in existence since 2005. In all systems built before then, there is a risk that the heating pipes will rust through or that heating pumps will fail.

Step 2
After analysing the heating water, we can give 100 per cent information about its condition based on the parameters. For example, we can see how far the degree of corrosion in the system has progressed. We also find out whether the underfloor heating is silted up and therefore has flow problems.

Step 3
We create an individual concept to remove corrosion or calcification and to protect the system. Contamination is not only responsible for the failure of the heating system. Contamination can cause blockages and, in the worst case, destruction. A low pH value of the heating water promotes the formation of magnetite, which accelerates the rusting through the heating system.

The heating water is black? Then you should contact us immediately so that we can flush the heating system. If aluminium has been installed, you should also have clear water, which is usually a sign of a positive condition, analysed regularly.

Examples of heating system flushing

Gravel in the heating system
With our special equipment, we get the system free again.
Magnetite deposits
Black and very stubborn magnetite can only be removed with our special ASR cleaner.
We were only able to save this complex system by acting quickly.

For these reasons, the perfect condition of the heating water is important

If bacteria form and the pH value changes, heating water can cause damage. The neutral pH value is 7, exactly in the middle of the scale from 0 to 14. The lower the pH value, the more acidic the fluid. A pH value of 1 is already acid. A pH value above 7 indicates that the liquid is basic. Each component of the heating system is made of a material – aluminium silicon, steel, copper, brass or plastic. Each material corrodes at a different pH value. To detect possible damage, the heating water must be analysed according to the materials used and according to the technical guideline of VDI 2035.

Flushing the heating system during modernisation and as a preventive measure

Have you had a new heating system installed? With the help of our heating water analysis, you can protect your investment, as we determine whether the heating water complies with the VDI 2035 guidelines. If damage has already occurred to the system, we prevent further consequential damage with a targeted inspection and an individual action plan.

In general, you should subject your heating system to a comprehensive analysis at regular intervals. This is because corrosion can cause the entire heating system to silt up. We use a patented flushing technique to gently loosen dirt and flush it out of the system. To do this, we use a chemical made from natural resources. This is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

Six to eight weeks after treatment, the heating water is tested again in a laboratory. Only when the water complies with the guidelines, we have done our job. The documentation of the analysis serves as proof of the VDI 2035-compliant quality of the heating water. If you conclude a maintenance contract with us, you receive a guarantee for corrosion-free heating water. As part of the maintenance contract, the heating water will be laboratory tested once a year.

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